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Sign denoting budget cuts aheadThey're coming...

April looms! It's always an interesting month but perhaps even more so in the present financial climate?

It's extremely unlikely that your local authority will avoid any cuts to their budget in 2016/17 so how will this affect your services and indeed, you?

The continuing 'salami slicing' of services cannot go on and on, at some point, it will cut into the 'flesh' of services. What contingency plans have your team come up with? What innovative ways of working around these cuts have you found?

Why not drop us an email so that we can publish your ideas for others to share? We need to help each other to combat the cuts as best we can - this is one way.

There'll be a great number of you out there who recognise the difficulties faced by people with a sight loss but find it difficult to convey to managers and other professionals just how valuable a professional service is. The role of the rehabilitation specialist is threatened, not just through cuts, but through the inactivity of the professionals who work in the field.

We all need to do more. We implore all of you to take each and every opportunity to articulate exactly what it is you bring to the umbrella of Social Care - what makes your service or team special, what do you do that works?

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