Tuesday September 25, 2018 15:55


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How are you using your time?

We know that you are very busy running around, trying to see as many people as you can however, is this the best we can do? We all know that rehabworkers or more accurately, the work that they do, is not adequately recognised within the Social Care sector. As such, we are calling on all of you to spend a little bit of time each week trying to articulate to whoever will listen, the value of your role within the organisation and to the people you see. Let us know how you get on - good or not so good. If you have already tried this, what was the outcome? Did it make any difference? Unless we can change the mindset of fellow professionals, managers and decision makers, the number of rehab workers will continue to decrease and the role will be further diluted with 'unqualified' staff. Courses that train RW's have never attracted the numbers needed and current options for those considering training are at an all time low. This has limited the throughput of professionally qualified workers becoming active in the field, which means that the rest of us have to work that bit harder, both in our roles and in our efforts to maintain the profile of the profession.

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